Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - Association of Sports Federations

Olympic Committee of Slovenia - Association of Sports Federations (OCS) is based on the premise that sport is an important element of quality life in all its forms and environments and is appropriate for all age groups. The mission and vision of OCS are subject to the operation of its members and establishers.

Mission of OCS

OCS as the main Slovenian sports organization and its member associations develops and links together top sport, sport for everyone and sport at a local level, thus functioning as an active promoter of quality life through physical activity.

Vision of OCS

Through the idea of Olympism, OCS shall serve as the example of excellence of Slovenian sports in all its forms (top sport, sport for everyone and sport at a local level) and all age groups. 

Values of OCS

OCS as the main sports organization cares for the development of Slovenian sports in a direction that enables sports subjects to achieve top results in all areas of sport at home and abroad.

Responsibility and cooperation
Sports activity, either professional or recreational, is exceptionally important for maintaining a quality of life, as it provides its exercisers success, health and lots of joy. That is why management of Slovenian sports, which is the task of OCS, requires the highest rate of responsibility and cooperation. OCS is always open for new ideas and suggestions, of those who approach them through professional knowledge and those who wish to share their user experiences with us.   

Sport is the epitome of dynamism and the same applies to the Olympic family. OCS knows that such and approach allows us to develop Slovenian sports, respond to changes in the local and international environment and assure that the dynamism is transferred into the everyday lives of individuals.