Partners of the IOC

Coca Cola


230 different brand names in over 200 countries of the world place Coca Cola among the most recognizable companies in the world.  The partnership between Coca Cola and the IOC is the longest cooperation in the Olympic movement. It began in 1928 with the signing of the first sponsorship agreement. Coca Cola sponsored the Amsterdam Olympics. Coca Cola has extended its sponsorship until 2020.



Acer was established in 1976 and its 7,000 employees place it among the largest computer companies in the world. Company revenues in 2009 amounted to 17.9 billion dollars. The company begun cooperating with the Olympic movement with the Vancouver Olympics and shall be working with the IOC at the London Games.



The Atos company became a TOP partner of the IOC in 2001. The company is involved in information technology and employs over 45,000 people in 40 countries around the world. During the Olympics, Atos provides fast transfer of communications between competitors, fans, organizers and the media.



Dow combines science and technology to solve many human problems in a number of industries. 50,000 people around the world assure that products and solutions of the Dow company benefit the greatest number of users. Dow is the official chemical company of IOC up to the year 2020.



GE is an IOC partner with many innovative products that help in the organization and execution of the Olympic Games. GE cooperates with organizers of the Olympics in the search of the best technology solutions in transport, lighting and water infrastructure. 300.000 people around the world help develop technologies that help medical personnel and athletes diagnose and heal injuries as fast as possible.



McDonald's became an official sponsor of the Olympic Games in 1976, but the company already provided American Olympians with hamburgers at the Grenoble Olympics in 1968. The company has 30,000 restaurants around the world and serves 50 million meals a day and it shall remain a partner of the IOC at least until 2012.



Omega is a Swiss company which produces watches under 18 different brands. It has been the official Olympic timekeeper since the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics (only three Olympics had different official timekeepers). Omega became a TOP IOC partner in 2004 and will continue to provide timing services at the London Olympic and Paraolympic Games.



Panasonic provides the Olympic family with audio, video and TV equipment. Cooperation with the Olympic movement began during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Panasonic became a TOP IOC partner in 1987.


P&G products provide Olympic personal care for people in the Olympic family and outside it. Brands such as Ariel, Always, Duracell, Head & Shoulders, Gillete, Pampers were created in the P&G company which employs 135,000 people in 80 countries around the world. 



Samsung is the exclusive provider of wireless communications equipment for the Olympic movement. 88,000 employees place Samsung in second place among the world's manufacturers of mobile phones. Samsung joined the TOP IOC sponsorship program in 1997.


Visa is the official credit card of the Olympic Games and the only mean of payment beside cash that can be used to buy official products and services offered by the Olympics. Visa is the leading brand in payment.  It can be used in over 150 countries of the world. Visa users carry out three trillion American dollars worth of transactions every year.