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Genion Clipping

Observer Genion Clipping is a proactive company in the field of monitoring and analysis of media publications. New technologies present new challenges and create new added value through the introduction of innovations. The company has assumed a visible and active role in the provision of media monitoring and analysis services.


Play Smart


Studies and research around the world reveral that the majority of professional athletes experience great financial difficulties after the end of their career , many of them may also have even more problematical path, as a bankruptcy. The main cause of financial problems and bankruptcy is financial illiteracy, causally it is necessary to have an adequate level of it, as long as the athletes want to avoid financial problems during and after their careers.


PLAY SMART program will establish a workable and efficient system of education in the field of financial literacy for professional athletes, which will systematically solve the problems of the current and as well future generations of professional athletes.