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Adriatic Slovenica, d. d.


Adriatic Slovenica Zavarovalna družba, d. d., is a Slovenian insurance company that was established by the merging of two renowned Slovenian insurance companies. The formal merger was carried out by the acquisition of Slovenica, Zavarovalniška hiša, d. d., Ljubljana, by Adriatic Zavarovalna družba, d. d., Koper. Adriatic then changed its name to ADRIATIC SLOVENICA Zavarovalna družba, d. d.

Sports lottery


The Slovenian sports lottery was established at the end of 1995. The main mission of the sports lottery was to collect funding for the operation of sports, humanitarian and disabled persons' organizations in Slovenia. The first drawing of the Športni Krog (sports circle) game was successfully carried out on 14 December 1996.

Luka Koper, d. d.

Luka Koper, d. d., is the operator of port and logistics services in the port of Koper.

Their basic undertaking is the performance of transhipment and warehousing services for all types of goods and it is supplemented with a range of additional goods related services with the goal of providing integrated logistic support to customers.


Telekom Slovenije, d. d.


The Telekom Slovenije Group is the leading and most advanced business system in the field of telecommunications in the Slovenian market. The group operates a highly reliable and quality network and provides modern, varied and user-centered services. The Telekom Slovenije Group has a strong market presence in Southeastern Europe, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Gibraltar.

Europlakat, d. o. o.


Europlakat, d.o.o., is the Slovenian market leader in the field of out of home advertising. Its network of marketing surfaces, including large advertising display panels, lighted glass showcases and rolling board panels provides full national coverage and enables targeted communications at a local level.


Petrol, d.d.


Petrol, the largest Slovenian energy company, has been helping the community take up a more dynamic lifestyle and a more quality life in general for a number of years. The company shows its social responsibility through supporting a number of sports, cultural, humanitarian and environmental projects. Petrol considers support for the environment a key element in the cooperation with its environment and such support remains one of the key priorities of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana.


SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group


As the largest steel producer in Slovenia, SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group maintains and develops the steel industry and is one of the key elements of Slovenian economic development.

SIJ Group is renowned for its specialization in the production of thick stainless steel sheets and cold rolled sheet metal, highly specialized and mechanically treated high-alloy tool and special steel, industrial knives for metal, plastic, wood and paper, and high-alloy welding materials.
SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group manages several production, service and trade companies to guarantee the customers the quality and prompt service.




HSE Group

The HSE Group is the largest Slovenian organisation in the area of power generation and is the largest producer and trader with electricity on the wholesale market in Slovenia. The hydropower plants, thermal power plants and a coalmine united into a single brand name – the HSE Group – together produce a large share of electricity in Slovenia; together with supply of electricity, which includes a combination of different sources, we play a crucial role in supplying safe, reliable and quality provision to domestic customers.


The Slovenian national radio and television service works for the public and the widest public interest. Its primary mission is creating content to inform, promote and develop creativity, language, culture, sports and identity of Slovenia and its multiethnic residents.