Slovenian Olympic Academy

The Slovenian Olympic Academy (SOA) was established in 1995. Its primary focus is to promote Olympic values and educate on Olympic content, culture and sports. The main activities of SOA relate to national Olympic sports heritage, the study of Olympic values and Olympic ethics of excellence, friendship and cooperation and the promotion of fair play and tolerance in sports in general. The organization also pursues publishing activities, particularly the collection titled "Important Personalities in Slovenian Sports".

SOA carries out activities of Olympic education and promotion of Olympic values in the form of events for children and youths, recreational athletes and athletes and coaches who take part in competitions sanctioned by the OCS. These include the Olympic Games, European Youth Olympic Festivals, the Alpe Adria games, the Three Lands Games and since 2010 also the Youth Olympic Games. Target groups are presented with the history of Olympism, the meaning of Olympic symbols, content relating to culture and examples of excellent athletes who achieved success both in their competitive careers as well as after the end of active competition.

The SOA also coordinates the activities of the Ambassador and Deputies for Sports, Tolerance and Fair Play, who are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. SOA also cooperates with the IOA in Olympia in the education of young athletes, Olympians, sports journalists, pedagogues and members of sports organizations who take part in meetings and seminars in Olympia, Greece, as representatives of the SOA.