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Two medals for Slovenia

03. February 2015 Vorarlberg 2015 Slovenia wins first gold medal at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Austria and Liechtenstein.

Urban Rogelj, Tine Bogataj, Bor Pavlovčič and Domen Prevc won the ski jumping tournament ahead of the Finns and Austrians. The best member of the team was Domen Prevc. “I am even happier than after the silver yesterday, the jumps were better and the team spirit was amazing, but the main thing is that we got the gold,” said Prevc. “My wish is to follow Peter and Cene as best as I can and be the best athlete I can be,” Prevc commented on statements that he is following in his older brothers’ footsteps. Jumpers are now waiting for the mixed team competition on Friday.  The Nordic combined team also finished their competition. Slovenians (Jaka Matko, Vid Vrhovnik, Gašper Brecl and Matevž Malovrh) had an excellent result in the jumps, coming in third. As expected, they fell behind in the cross country skiing and finished in eighth place.


Domen Prevc finished second in the ski jumping event after coming third after the first series. Following Peter Prevc and Cene Prevc who both won the European Youth Olympic Festival in the past, Domen is the third brother to win a medal in this competition. “I am not happy with my jumps, but the result is quite good. I couldn’t find the right feeling I had in training and the nerves took a lot of energy today. My expectations were very high. Competition in the field was strong, but I can now enter the team competition a lot more relaxed,” said Prevc. The other Slovenian competitors showed strong jumps themselves. Bor Pavlovič finished seventh, Tine Bogataj eighth and Urban Rogelj tenth.




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