London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

London was selected as the host of the XXX. Summer Olympic Games in 2012. It was selected after four rounds of voting by the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the 117th assembly of the IOC in Singapore, where it beat Paris in the final round of votes. London won by a majority of 54 votes of the possible 104 to become the host of the 2012 Games.


Time and Place: London (Great Britain); 27 July – 12 August 2012

Other candidates: Paris, New York, Moscow, Madrid

Number of sports: 26 sports, 300 events

Slogan: Live as one

Official Team Slovenia webpage: London 2012


The central part of the Olympic Games will be held in the Olympic Park in East London which will also host a number of new sports facilities. The park will be visited by 180,000 spectators each day.
The main venues - the Olympic stadium, water centre, velodrome, BMX track, the hockey, handball and basketball hall can all be accessed by footpaths, so access will be simplified as much as possible.  Other prestigious facilities such as Wembley, Wimbledon, the cricket pitch, archery range and beach volleyball court will make up the rest of the Olympic venues.

Scope of the London 2012 Olympics

  • 26 Olympic sports at 34 venues,
  • 20 Paraolympic sports at 21 venues,
  • 10,500 Olympians and 4,200 Paraolympians,
  • 20,000 journalists and other media representatives,
  • over 9 million tickets.


Olympic Games - more than just sport

The Olympic Games also include a four-year culture program that is already being implemented. The program will culminate in the Opening Ceremony on 27 July 2012, when the 60 day festival of sports and culture will start throughout Great Britain and around the world.