Paris 1900 Summer Olympic Games

The 2nd modern Olympic Games were held as part of the Paris World Fair. The events were stretched out between May and October and did not achieve any notable response.

Time and Place: Paris (France); 14 May – 28 October 1900
Other candidates: /
Participation: 24 countries, 997 athletes
Number of sports: 18 sports, 95 events
Number of Slovenian athletes: /
Fire lit by: the Olympic fire was lit for the first time in Amsterdam in 1928. no official opening
Olympic oath: beginning in 1920


Trivia from the Paris 1900 Summer Olympic Games

Competitions in France did not pass without controversies. The first was due to Greece which campaigned to become the permanent host of the Olympic games. Many inconveniences were caused by poor organization and there was no promotion of the events in any shape or form. The time span of a good five months was also far from ordinary. There were many complaints with regard to poor conditions. Among others, the smell from the farming exhibition at the Bois de Vin Cennes venue was said to greatly hinder competition. Unlike Athens, Paris did host 12 female competitors.


The games were a great success for the hosts, mostly because of the results of their athletes. The French took 29 gold medals, 41 silver ones and 32 bronzes. The most successful individual was American Alvin Kraenzlein who won the 60 m race, the 110 m and 200 m hurdles and the long jump. Another notable hero of the Games was his fellow American Ray Ewry who began a very successful Career (with three wins in the standing long jump, high jump and triple jump), going on to win ten gold medals until 1908.


There were no Slovenian representatives at the second Olympic Games.