Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro was selected at the 121st assembly of the International Olympic Committee in Kopenhagen, Denmark, as the organizer of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in 2016. The city was confirmed after three rounds of voting by members of the International Olympic Committee and will host the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games from the 5th to the 21st.

About Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is situated in southeastern Brazil. It is situated on the Atlantic coast between three states. Rio is the largest city in Brazil and the 26th largest in the world. It is the most visited city on the southern hemisphere and famous for its breathtaking sights, incredible landscape and unique spirit of its people.

Coming to Rio by plane is a special treat, just seeing the colorful city spread out between the mountains, lakes and the ocean. Walking in the streets, you can feel the positive energy and warm welcoming nature of the locals. Watching the sunset on one of the beautiful beaches is a unique experience which goes some way to explain why the local people hold a special light in their eyes and have such an unique character.


Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games


Preparations for the Olympics

The city is sure to prepare the best possible environment for world class competition. Athletes will enjoy world class facilities, including the quality Olympic village.

Competition venues will be placed in four zones - Barra, Copacabana, Dedoro and  Maracana. They will be linked by a road ring that will enable half of all the athletes to arrive at their venue in less than 10 minutes and almost three quarters of all the athletes to make the journey in less than 25 minutes. Of the 34 venues, eight will be renovated permanently, seven will be temporary and nine will be built anew and will remain as a lasting heritage of the sports event. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are sure to be a special event.


Vinicius is the yellow Olympic Games mascot, a mixture of all the Brazilian animals. He was born out of the explosion of joy that happened when they announced that Rio would host the Olympic Games, on 2 October 2009.


More about Vinicius read on his official website:!olympic-mascot

Tom is the blue Paralympic Games mascot, a magical creature, a fusion of all the plants in the Brazilian forests. He was born out of the explosion of happiness when we found out that the Paralympic Games were coming to Rio, on 2 October 2009.


More about Tom read on his official website:!paralympic-mascot