Mission, vision and values of Team Slovenia

Mission of Team Slovenia

To be the best among the best.

Team Slovenia uses its successes and way of life to promote a healthy sports lifestyle among Slovenians of all ages. To contribute to a better world through sports.

Vision of Team Slovenia

Team Slovenia will become an example of excellence in Slovenian sports as it combines the best stakeholders in sports - athletes, coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, psychologists, sponsors and other members of athletes' teams.

Values of Team Slovenia



Being a part of Team Slovenia means being the best among the best. Team Slovenia combines the best athletes, coaches, doctors, psychologists and other sports stakeholders.


We strive for good interpersonal relationships which are key for realizing set goals and successes. Only good and open relationships will allow us to realize our goal: to be the best, to be excellent. Not only in sports but also in the overcoming of obstacles and creation of possibilities for optimal development of Slovenian competitive sports.


The patient and persistent always succeed as assiduous work always bears fruits.  Sport consists of ups and downs and the most persistent succeed. Not only in sport, but in life in general.