Mediterranean Games Mersin 2013

Mediterranen Games Mersin 2013

Date: 20 - 30 June 2013

Athletes: more than 1.000

Number of sports: 32
Number of Slovenian athletes: to be announced

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Mediterranean Games

Having participated in all the Mediterranean Games, Turkey hosted the VIth Mediterranean Games in İzmir in 1971. The Mediterranean Games are a sports competition organized every four years among the Countries of the Mediterranean Basin. These competitions are organized with the aim of contributing to the social and cultural rapprochement among the citizens of the Mediterranean Countries. The Mediterranean Games are based on the Olympic Games rules, and the competitions are completed within a period not exceeding 13 days.


The Mediterranean Games is a global organization whose first was held in Alexandria (Egypt) in 1951 with initiative of The President of Olympic Committee of Egypt, Mohammed Tahir Pasha. The International Committee of Mediterranean Games, which played an active role in the processes of organizing, developing and sustaining the organization, is an organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).





Turkey is one of the most fantastic countries to be visited for her breathtaking natural beauties, unique historical and archaeological sites, steadily improving, touristic infrastructure and traditional hospitality. It is not surprising therefore that this country has recently become one of the world's most popular tourism destinations.

Turkey, the capital city of which is Ankara, is located at the point where three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - are closest to each other. Some parts of the country lands are found on Anatolian Peninsula and the other part located in Trakya which is the extension of the Balkan Peninsula. The country's three sides are surrounded with Mediterranean, Black Sea and straits connecting these two seas to each other, Marmara and Aegean Sea.


Turkey's neighbours are Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Turkey is a member of many international organizations such as; United Nations, NATO, European Council, Organization of Islamic Conference and Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization. Turkey started to the negotiations for the full membership to the European Union on 3 October in 2005. According to the political scientists and economists, Turkey is a regional force. Today, Turkey's economy is the 15th biggest economy in the world. The aim is to take place among the 10 biggest economies in the world in the 100th (2023) anniversary of the Republic.




Mersin is located in the Mediterranean Region of Southern Turkey. The population is 1 million 647 thousand 899 people according to the 2010 census and it has approximately 16 thousand square kilometres surface area.


Mersin makes important contributions with its own dynamics to Turkey's. Initiatives in every area; it has an important potential in tourism as well as commerce and economics.
Providing important gains to the different cultures that it hosted; today, Mersin comes through the second fast urbanization process.


Development of Mersin continues at a great pace with its modern port, free zone and all the commercial and industrial organizations carrying their own unique value.
With large number of Ancient sites, 321 kilometres coastal strip, its green nature with citrus gardens smelling beautiful in each different season and rooted cultural events, the city provides potentially important contributions to culture and tourism of Turkey.



Best of Team Slovenia

Blaž Rola, Tomislav Ternar tennis,doubles tennis Rezultat:2:1
Klinar Anja
Anja Klinar swimming,400 m medley Rezultat:4:40,49
Klinar Anja
Anja Klinar swimming,200 m medley Rezultat:2:14,40
Rola Blaž
Blaž Rola tennis,single tennis Rezultat:3:2
Dugonjić Damir
Damir Dugonjić swimming,50 m breaststroke Rezultat:27,63
Polavder Lucija
Lucija Polavder judo,+78 kg
Ratej Martina
Martina Ratej athletics,javelin Rezultat:60.28
Ceraj Matjaž
Matjaž Ceraj judo,+100 kg
Ponomarenko Janić Špela
Špela Ponomarenko Janić canoe-kayak flatwater,K-1 500 m Rezultat:1:52,447
Ponomarenko Janić Špela
Špela Ponomarenko Janić canoe-kayak flatwater,K-1 200 m Rezultat:40.689
Beđeti Vlora
Vlora Beđeti judo,-57 kg
Bertoncelj Sašo
Sašo Bertoncelj artistic gymnastics,pommel horse
Tadeja Sodec bowls,natančno zbijanje Rezultat:26
Sedej Aljaž
Aljaž Sedej judo,-81 kg
Jereb Andraž
Andraž Jereb judo,-66 kg
Klinar Anja
Anja Klinar swimming,200 m butterfly Rezultat:2:10,76
Klinar Anja
Anja Klinar swimming,400 m free Rezultat:4:11,62
Sagmeister Mojca
Mojca Sagmeister swimming,200 m medley Rezultat:2:00,96
Zakrajšek Jošt
Jošt Zakrajšek canoe-kayak flatwater,K-1 1000 m Rezultat:+0,821
Kolarič Nina
Nina Kolarič athletics,long jump Rezultat:6,49
Nareks Petra
Petra Nareks judo,-52 kg
Rodić Snežana
Snežana Rodić athletics,triple jump Rezultat:14.36
Nina Milošević judo,-63 kg
Aleš Zupan, Jure Grace rowing,double sculls
Maja Tvrdy, Nika Koncut badminton,double women
Anja Klinar, Mojca Sagmeister, Špela Bohinc, Tanja Šmid swimming,4x200 m free Rezultat:8:16.34
Pogačnik Anka
Anka Pogačnik judo,-70 kg
Tomić Marina
Marina Tomić athletics,100 m hurdles Rezultat:13.11
Debevec Rajmond
Rajmond Debevec shooting,50 m rifle 3 positions Rezultat:439.3
Tvrdy Maja
Maja Tvrdy badminton,single Rezultat:2:0
Borčnik Aleš
Aleš Borčnik bowls,hitrostno zbijanje
Juš Markač karate,- 84 kg Rezultat:8:0
Dobravec Petra
Petra Dobravec shooting,air pistol Rezultat:175,5 krogov
Petrušić Ana
Ana Petrušić taekwondo,- 49 kg

Top 10

Blaž Rola, Tomislav Ternar tennis doubles tennis 1. place
Anja Klinar swimming 400 m medley 1. place
Anja Klinar swimming 200 m medley 1. place
Blaž Rola tennis single tennis 1. place
Damir Dugonjić swimming 50 m breaststroke 1. place
Lucija Polavder judo +78 kg 1. place
Martina Ratej athletics javelin 1. place
Matjaž Ceraj judo +100 kg 1. place
Špela Ponomarenko Janić canoe-kayak flatwater K-1 500 m 1. place
Špela Ponomarenko Janić canoe-kayak flatwater K-1 200 m 1. place
Vlora Beđeti judo -57 kg 1. place
Sašo Bertoncelj artistic gymnastics pommel horse 1. place
Tadeja Sodec bowls natančno zbijanje 1. place
Branka Zec, Maja Šon, Maja Zrnec, Neli Irman, Tamara Mavsar, Ana Gros, ANA PETRINJA, lina krhlikar, Sanja Gregorc, Maxim Eva Pelikan, Nina Jeriček, Katja Čerenjak, MIŠA MARINČEK, Barbara Lazovic, Sergeja Stefanišin, URŠKA VIDIC handball team handball 2. place
Aljaž Sedej judo -81 kg 2. place
Andraž Jereb judo -66 kg 2. place
Anja Klinar swimming 200 m butterfly 2. place
Anja Klinar swimming 400 m free 2. place
Mojca Sagmeister swimming 200 m medley 2. place
Jošt Zakrajšek canoe-kayak flatwater K-1 1000 m 2. place
Nina Kolarič athletics long jump 2. place
Petra Nareks judo -52 kg 2. place
Snežana Rodić athletics triple jump 2. place
Nina Milošević judo -63 kg 2. place
Aleš Zupan, Jure Grace rowing double sculls 3. place
Maja Tvrdy, Nika Koncut badminton double women 3. place
Anja Klinar, Mojca Sagmeister, Špela Bohinc, Tanja Šmid swimming 4x200 m free 3. place
Anka Pogačnik judo -70 kg 3. place
Marina Tomić athletics 100 m hurdles 3. place
Rajmond Debevec shooting 50 m rifle 3 positions 3. place
Maja Tvrdy badminton single 3. place
Aleš Borčnik bowls hitrostno zbijanje 3. place
Juš Markač karate - 84 kg 3. place
Petra Dobravec shooting air pistol 3. place
Ana Petrušić taekwondo - 49 kg 3. place
Mojca Božič, Sara Hutinski, Saša Planinšec, Urška Igličar, Valentina Založnik, Monika Potokar, Sara Valenčič, Elena Kučej, Iza Mlakar, Meta Jerala, Živa Recek, Angelina Ajnihar volleyball team 4. place
Marina Tomić, Sara Strajnar, Nina Kolarič, Sabina Veit athletics 4x100m 4. place
Boštjan Maček shooting trap 4. place
Živa Dvoršak shooting 50 m rifle 3 positions 4. place
Iztok Utroša badminton single 4. place
Špela Bohinc swimming 800 m free 4. place
Rajko Hrvat rowing LM1x 4. place
Davor Janžič bowls natančno zbijanje 4. place
Uroš Bundalo, Urban Lesjak, jernej papež, simon razgor, Mitja Nosan, Matej Gaber, Gašper Marguč, Borut Mačkovšek, Mario Šoštarič, Jure Dolenec, Dean Bombač, Vid Poteko handball team handball 5. place
Tina Mrak, Veronika Macarol sailing 470 5. place
Jan Rijavec, Klemen Štrajhar, Jaka Komočar target archery archery team men 5. place
Damir Dugonjić swimming 100 m breaststroke 5. place
Marko Prodan judo -73 kg 5. place
Matija Kranjc athletics javelin 5. place
Robert Žbogar swimming 100 m butterfly 5. place
Robert Žbogar swimming 200 m butterfly 5. place
Živa Dvoršak shooting air rifle 5. place
Željko Moičević shooting air rifle 5. place
Anja Šešum rowing single sculls 5. place
Nina Novak bowls hitrostno zbijanje 5. place
Dunja Lemajič taekwondo -67 kg 5. place
Brina Božič, Darja Verbič, Ana Umer target archery archery team women 6. place
Jan Karel Petrič, Žiga Cerkovnik, Anže Tavčar, Martin Bau swimming 4x100 m medley 6. place
Anja Klinar, Mojca Sagmeister, Tjaša Vozel, Lucija Kous swimming 4x100 m medley 6. place
Mojca Sagmeister, Neža Marčun, Špela Bohinc, Lucija Kous swimming 4x100 m freestyle 6. place
Alen Dimic artistic gymnastics pommel horse 6. place
Eva Vivod athletics javelin 6. place
Jan   Špik rowing LM1x 6. place
Teja Belak artistic gymnastics vault 6. place
Tina Šutej athletics pole vault 6. place
Sabina Veit athletics 200 m 6. place
Jan Karel Petrič swimming 400 m medley 7. place
Neža Marčun swimming 200 m breaststroke 7. place
Rajmond Debevec shooting small bore rifle prone 7. place
Rožle Prezelj athletics high jump 7. place
Tadej Mulec judo -90 kg 7. place
Tjaša Vozel swimming 100 m breaststroke 7. place
Tjaša Vozel swimming 50 m breaststroke 7. place
Sara Strajnar athletics 100 m 7. place
Jošt Zakrajšek canoe-kayak flatwater K-1 200 m 7. place
Kristina Žumer athletics 200 m 7. place
Tina Ribič artistic gymnastics vault 7. place
Tina Ribič artistic gymnastics vault 7. place
Mitja Nevečny, Andraž Gulič sailing 470 8. place
Matjaž Markič swimming 50 m breaststroke 8. place
Željko Moičević shooting 50 m rifle 3 positions 8. place
Tanja Šmid swimming 200 m breaststroke 8. place
Tanja Šmid swimming 200 m breaststroke 8. place
Robert Žbogar swimming 50 m butterfly 9. place
Robert Žbogar swimming 50 m backstroke 9. place
Tanja Šmid swimming 100 m breaststroke 9. place
Kristina Žumer athletics 100 m 9. place
Kim Pletikos sailing Laser Radial 9. place
Lucija Kous swimming 50 m backstroke 9. place
Lucija Kous swimming 200 m backstroke 9. place
Martin Bau swimming 1500 m free 9. place
Sara Kragulj rythmic gymnastics all-arround 9. place
Mojca Sagmeister swimming 100 m free 10. place
Željko Moičević shooting small bore rifle prone 10. place
Carmen Astrid Horvat artistic gymnastics all-arround 10. place
Lucija Kous swimming 100 m backstroke 10. place
Martin Bau swimming 200 m free 10. place
Damir Dugonjić swimming 200 m breaststroke 11. place
Matjaž Markič swimming 100 m breaststroke 11. place
Tanja Šmid swimming 200 m medley 11. place
Martin Bau swimming 400 m free 11. place
Blaž Kunšek shooting air pistol 11. place
Žiga Cerkovnik swimming 100 m free 12. place
Tina Ribič artistic gymnastics all-arround 12. place
Žiga Cerkovnik swimming 50 m butterfly 13. place
Nik Pletikos sailing laser 15. place
Žiga Cerkovnik swimming 100 m butterfly 15. place
Matej Valič sailing laser 16. place
Jan Karel Petrič swimming 400 m free 17. place

Team Slovenia


Medal Table

Gold medal
Silver medal
Bronze medal
Italija 70 52 64 186
Turčija 47 43 36 126
Francija 25 25 45 95
Španija 21 32 29 82
Egipt 21 22 24 67
Grčija 15 18 26 59
Slovenija 13 11 11 35
Srbija 12 11 11 34
Hrvaška 11 7 9 27
Alžirija 9 2 15 26
Tunizija 7 19 22 48

Schedule and Results

20. Jun. 2013 - 30. Jun. 2013

boxing, - 60 kg
18:00 Gregor Debeljak poraz v prvi borbi - eliminating round
boxing, -75 kg
18:00 Aljaž Venko poraz v prvi borbi - eliminating round
sailing, Laser Radial
12:00 Kim Pletikos 7.m 15 točk - 1st day
judo, -60 kg
12:00 Matjaž Trbovc brez uvrstitve - eliminating round
swimming, 200 m medley
10:00 Anja Klinar 1.m 2:17,70 - qualifications
10:00 Tanja Šmid 11.m 2:25,69 - qualifications
artistic gymnastics, uneven bars
10:00 Teja Belak 13.m - qualifications
10:00 Teja Belak 13.m - qualifications
artistic gymnastics, vault
10:00 Teja Belak 2.m - qualifications
sailing, Laser Radial
12:00 Kim Pletikos 11.m 39 točk - 2nd day
judo, -90 kg
12:00 Tadej Mulec 7.m - eliminating round
swimming, 100 m butterfly
10:10 Robert Žbogar 4.m 53,67 - qualifications
10:10 Žiga Cerkovnik 15.m 56,36 - qualifications
10:10 - qualifications
swimming, 200 m backstroke
09:55 Lucija Kous 9.m 2:21,67 - qualifications
wrestlig - greco-roman style, - 84 kg
14:00 Jure Kuhar poraz - eliminating round
artistic gymnastics, parallel bars
15:45 Alen Dimic 2.m - qualifications
artistic gymnastics, horizontal bar
15:45 Alen Dimic 5.m - qualifications
artistic gymnastics, all-arround
15:45 Alen Dimic 9.m - qualifications
sailing, Laser Radial
12:00 Kim Pletikos 10.m 41 točk - 3rd day
wrestlig - greco-roman style, -96 kg
14:00 Dejan Šernek poraz - eliminating round
swimming, 100 m backstroke
10:10 Lucija Kous 10.m 1:04,77 - qualifications
swimming, 1500 m free
10:30 Martin Bau 9.m 15:55,19 - qualifications
swimming, 200 m free
09:45 Martin Bau 10.m 1:52,31 - qualifications

badminton, single
16:00 Maja Tvrdy zmaga 2:0 - 1st round (proti Claudia Gruber (ITA))
11:40 Nika Koncut poraz 2:0 - 1st round (proti Ozge Bayrak (TUR))
10:20 Iztok Utroša poraz 1:2 - 1st round (proti Zvonimir Durkinjak (CRO))
10:40 Miha Horvat poraz 0:2 - 1st round (proti Ramazan Ozturk (TUR))
13:40 Iztok Utroša zmaga 2:1 - 2nd round (proti Kiomourtzidis (GRČ))
13:50 Miha Horvat poraz 0:2 - 2nd round (proti Matthieu LO Zing Ping)
bowls, natančno zbijanje
09:00 Davor Janžič uvrstitev 1/4 finale - 1st round
11:00 Tadeja Sodec uvrstitev 1/4 finale - 1st round
sailing, Laser Radial
12:00 Kim Pletikos 10.m 59 točk - 4th day
table tennis, single
11:00 Manca Fajmut deli si 11.m do 16.m 1:4 - qualifications (izgubila proti X.Li (FRA))
12:00 Jana Tomazini deli si mesto 9. do 10.m 1:4 - qualifications (izgubila proti M.Hu (TUR))
swimming, 200 m butterfly
09:55 Anja Klinar 1.m 2:13,70 - qualifications
09:40 Robert Žbogar 3.m 2:00,01 - qualifications
tennis, doubles tennis
20:00  (PISLAK MANCA, Marc Maša) poraz v 1. krogu 0:2 - 1/4 elimination round (proti Nour ABBES Ons JABEUR (TUN))
tennis, single tennis
19:00 Blaž Rola zmaga 2:0 - 1st round (proti Mohanad AL-HOUNI (LIB))
17:30 Maša Marc poraz v 1. krogu 0:2 - 1st round (proti Sara SORRIBES (SPA))

athletics, 200 m
19:00 Sabina Veit 8.m 24.09 - qualifications
athletics, pole vault
19:25 Tina Šutej 6.m 4.30 - final
badminton, single
12:00 Nika Koncut zmaga 2:1 - 2nd round (proti Theodora Ligomenou (GRČ))
10:40 Iztok Utroša zmaga 2:1 - 3rd round (proti Emre Lale (TUR))
11:00 Miha Horvat poraz 0:2 - 3rd round (proti Ernesto Valazques)
bowls, hitrostno zbijanje
15:00 Aleš Borčnik uvrstitev 1/4 finale - 1st round
17:00 Nina Novak uvrstitev 1/4 finale - 1st round
sailing, Laser Radial
12:00 Kim Pletikos 9.m 78 točk - 5th day
table tennis, single
12:00 Jana Tomazini zmaga 4:0 - 2nd round (proti PICCOLIN)
10:00 Manca Fajmut poraz 0:4 - qualifications (proti MESHREF)
tennis, single tennis
19:00 Tomislav Ternar poraz v 1. krogu 1:2 - 1st round (proti Marsel ILHAN (TUR))
 Manca Pislak zmaga 2:0 - 1st round (proti Nour ABBES)
badminton, double men
11:20  (Utroša Iztok, Horvat Miha) zmaga 2:0 - 3rd round (proti Kiomourtzidis/Xanthou (GRČ))
badminton, single
09:50 Maja Tvrdy zmaga 2:0 - 2nd round (proti Hadia Elsaid)
11:00 Nika Koncut zmaga 2:0 - 3rd round (proti Ina STEFANOVSKA (MAK))
09:30 Iztok Utroša zmaga 2:0 - 1/8 elimination round (proti Rosario MADDALONI (ITA))
09:00 Aleš Borčnik uvrstitev v polfinale - 1/4 elimination round
15:00 Nina Novak uvrstitev v polfinale - 1/4 elimination round
shooting, 50 m rifle 3 positions
13:00 Živa Dvoršak 4.m 430,9 - final
tennis, doubles tennis
21:00  (Rola Blaž, Ternar Tomislav) zmaga 2:1 - semi final (proti Albert ALCARAZ IVORRA David PEREZ SANZ (SPA))
tennis, single tennis
17:30 Manca Pislak poraz 0:2 - 1/4 elimination round (proti GRYMALSKA Anastasia (ITA))
17:30 Blaž Rola zmaga 2:1 - 1/4 elimination round (TRAVAGLIA Stefano (ITA))

athletics, 100 m hurdles
19:50 Marina Tomić 3.m 13.11 - final
badminton, double women
11:00  (Tvrdy Maja, Koncut Nika) poraz 0:2 - eliminating round (proti YIGIT/BAYRAK)
badminton, single
11:00 Maja Tvrdy zmaga 2:0 - quarter final (proti LIGOMENOU (GRČ))
11:03 Nika Koncut poraz 0:2 - quarter final (proti YIGIT (TUR))
canoe-kayak flatwater, K-1 200 m
16:30 Jošt Zakrajšek 2.m - qualifications (v 1. skupini)
karate, - 67 kg
09:40 Mladen Railič zmaga PTS 0:2 - 1st round (proti TOLI (ALB))
10:00 Mladen Railič poraz v 1/4 F HAN - 1/4 elimination round (proti HASNAOUI (TUN))
karate, -75 kg
10:50 Filip Španbauer poraz v 1. krogu 0:3 - 1st round (proti JOVANOVIC (SRB))
tennis, doubles tennis
23:30  (Rola Blaž, Ternar Tomislav) 1.m 2:1 - final (proti Mohamed Haythem ABID Malek JAZIRI (TUN))
tennis, single tennis
17:00 Blaž Rola zmaga 2:0 - semi final (proti Jaziri (TUN))
karate, - 84 kg
09:00 Juš Markač zmaga 3:0 - 1/8 elimination round (proti BITEVIC (SRB))
12:30 - 1/4 elimination round
rythmic gymnastics, all-arround
11:00 Sara Kragulj 10.m 60,134 - qualifications
tennis, single tennis
19:30 Blaž Rola 1.m 3:2 - final (proti Marsel Ilhan (TUR))

badminton, single
10:00 Maja Tvrdy 3.m 2:0 - bronze medal match (proti Agnese ALLEGRINI (ITA))
10:00 Iztok Utroša 4.m 0:2 - bronze medal match (proti Matthieu LO YING PING (FRA))
rythmic gymnastics, all-arround
12:00 Sara Kragulj 9.m 57,933 - final








Slovenian team complete Mersin 2013 with another medal

30. June 2013 Mersin 2013 The last day of the Mediterranean Games did not fail tradition - another medal for the Slovenian team.

This time a bronze in women’s badminton for Maja Tvrdy.Slovenian badminton player Maja Tvrdy won her second medal at this year’s Mediterranean Games in Mersin. After the bronze in pairs on Saturday with Nika Koncut, Maja won her second place match today.



Slovenia won 13 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze medals in Mersin.

9th day

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