Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games

The Beijing Olympics took place from 8 to 24 August 2008 and were the Games of records and amazing achievements. The opening ceremony was unforgettable, athletes' achievements were surprising, organization was impeccable, the venues were breathtaking and doping testing was more strict. Several hundreds of millions of spectators watched the Games via television screens and were treated to over 40 world and over 130 Olympic records.


Time and Place: Beijing (China): 8 - 24 August 2008
Other candidates: Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, Osaka
Participation: 204 countries, 10,942 athletes
Number of sports: 28 sports, 302 events
Number of Slovenian athletes: 62

Fire lit by: Li Ning
Games opened by: Hu Jintao
Olyimpic oath: Zhang Yining
Motto: One world, one dream


At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Slovenia won five medals or one medal for every 401,000 citizens, lagging behind only the Bahamas (153,000) and Jamaica (198,000).
















Trivia from the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Oldest swimming world record finally broken


The female 800 m swimming record, set by Janet Evans (USA) has remained unbroken for 20 years. In Beijing, the record was finally broken by Rebecca Adlington (GB). The original record was set in 1989 when Rebecca was only 6 months old. She improved the record by over two seconds to a new time of 8:14.10. Rebecca also won gold in the 400 m event and became the first Brit to win a gold medal in swimming since 1960.


Oldest and youngest participant of the Games


In Beijing the greatest age difference was 50 years. Japanese equestrian competitor Hiroshi Hoketsu competed in his third Olympics at age 67 while the youngest participant, swimmer Antoinette Joyce Gueda Mouafo from Cameroon, competed at 12 years of age.

In his ninth Olympic Games appearance, Canadian Ian Millar won his first medal in group show jumping at age 61. 33 year old Oxana Chusovitina of Germany won a silver medal in gymnastics. A silver medal was also won by swimmer Dara Torres (USA) at age 41.


Unforgettable champions


Many participants wrote Olympic history, but Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt made the most headlines.  Michael Phelps won eight gold medals, overtaking Mark Spitz shined at the Munich Olympics of 1972. The incredible Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt achieved a world record at the 100 m and 200 m distances and won another gold in the 4×100 m relay.


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Bojan Rak

Rak Bojan
table tennis
Sport club:

OG and other games results

OG medals:

Top results

Best of Team Slovenia

Kozmus Primož
Primož Kozmus athletics,hammer throw Rezultat:FIN 82,02 m
Žbogar Vasilij
Vasilij Žbogar sailing,laser Rezultat:73 točk
Isakovič Sara
Sara Isakovič swimming,200 m free Rezultat:FIN 1:54,97
Polavder Lucija
Lucija Polavder judo,+78 kg
Debevec Rajmond
Rajmond Debevec shooting,50 m rifle 3 positions Rezultat:FIN 1271,7 (1176)

Top 10

Primož Kozmus athletics hammer throw 1. place
Vasilij Žbogar sailing laser 2. place
Sara Isakovič swimming 200 m free 2. place
Lucija Polavder judo +78 kg 3. place
Rajmond Debevec shooting 50 m rifle 3 positions 3. place
Miha Pirih, Rok Kolander, Rok Rozman, Tomaž Pirih rowing four 4. place
Mitja Petkovšek artistic gymnastics parallel bars 5. place
Iztok Čop, Luka Špik rowing double sculls 6. place
Marija Šestak athletics triple jump 6. place
Špela Ponomarenko canoe-kayak flatwater K-1 500 m 6. place
Gašper Vinčec sailing finn 7. place
Urška Žolnir judo -63 kg 7. place
Peter Mankoč swimming 100 m butterfly 10. place
Rožle Prezelj athletics high jump 12. place
Klara Maučec, Vesna Dekleva Paoli sailing 470 13. place
Gašper Fistravec, Janez Jurše, Janez Zupanc, Jernej Jurše rowing quadruple sculls 13. place
Peter Kauzer canoe-kayak slalom K-1 13. place
Anja Čarman swimming 200 m backstroke 16. place
Anja Klinar swimming 400 m medley 16. place
Boštjan Buč athletics 3000 m steeple 16. place
Damir Dugonjič swimming 100 m breaststroke 16. place
Matjaž Markič swimming 100 m breaststroke 16. place
Bojan Tokič table tennis single 17. place
Maja Tvrdy badminton single 17. place
Karlo Hmeljak, Mitja Nevečny sailing 470 18. place
Brigita Langerholc athletics 800 m 18. place
Jernej Godec swimming 50 m free 18. place
Sonja Roman athletics 1500 m 18. place
Miroslav Vodovnik athletics shot put 20. place
Sara Isakovič swimming 100 m butterfly 20. place
Blaža Klemenčič mountain bike cross 21. place
Rajmond Debevec shooting 50 m rifle prone 21. place
Matic Osovnikar athletics 100 m 22. place
Damjan Sitar athletics decathlon 23. place
Anja Klinar swimming 200 m medley 25. place
Anja Čarman swimming 100 m backstroke 26. place
Matic Osovnikar athletics 200 m 27. place
Nina Kolarič athletics long jump 27. place
Simon Špilak road cycling time trial 28. place
Matija Kranjc athletics javelin 31. place
Peter Mankoč swimming 100 m free 31. place
Rajmond Debevec shooting air rifle 31. place
Damjan Zlatnar athletics 110 m hurdles 32. place
Jurij Rovan athletics pole vault 32. place
Sabina Veit athletics 200 m 34. place
Tadej Valjavec road cycling road race 35. place
Nina Sovinek swimming 50 m free 43. place
Nina Sovinek swimming 100 m free 44. place
Pia Tajnikar athletics 100 m 49. place
Sigrid Teresa Corneo road cycling road race 49. place
Adela Šajn artistic gymnastics beam 55. place
Jure Golčer road cycling road race 61. place
Adela Šajn artistic gymnastics floor 63. place
Roman Kejžar athletics marathon 67. place

Team Slovenia


Medal Table

Gold medal
Silver medal
Bronze medal

Schedule and Results

08. Aug. 2008 - 24. Aug. 2008

athletics, javelin
 Matija Kranjc 31.m 71,00 m - final
37.m 55,30 m - final
athletics, pole vault
 Jurij Rovan 32.m 530 cm - final
road cycling, time trial
 Simon Špilak 28.m FIN 1;07:34,86 - final
judo, -60 kg
 Rok Drakšič brez uvrstitve poraz v 1. krogu - final
judo, -81 kg
 Aljaž Sedej brez uvrstitve poraz v 1. krogu - final
judo, +100 kg
 Matjaž Ceraj brez uvrstitve poraz v 1. krogu - final
canoe-kayak flatwater, K-1 1000 m
12.m 3:41,73 - final
swimming, 100 m backstroke
 Anja Čarman 26.m KV/Q 1:02,21 - final
swimming, 200 m backstroke
 Anja Čarman 16.m PF/SF 2:12,46 - final
swimming, 200 m medley
 Anja Klinar 25.m KV/Q 2:15,39 - final
swimming, 400 m medley
 Anja Klinar 16.m KV/Q 4:38,90 - final
artistic gymnastics, beam
 Adela Šajn 55.m KV/Q 14,100 - final
artistic gymnastics, floor
 Adela Šajn 63.m KV/13,700 - final
shooting, 50 m rifle 3 positions
 Rajmond Debevec 3rd FIN 1271,7 (1176) - final